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Our Web Design Pricing

Website CostsSite-Maker offers pricing that is economical, and tailored to your needs. If you want a low cost website that is clean, crisp, and creative, without sacrificing taste and effectiveness for economy, we are happy to help. If you need a more elaborate and fully developed business website, we can help you determine what you really need at a price you can really afford! Site-Maker guarantees high quality, reasonable cost, and fast delivery of your custom designed site.

Small business and personal website costs can range from $500 to tens of $1,000's to design and build. Still there is always flexibility enough in our pricing to accommodate your needs. There are far more elements and choices to most websites than can be listed in a package, so Site-Maker will be happy to give you a custom estimate and proposal. We offer free telephone consultation to find out what you need, and to help you learn what you will have to supply us with to make a detailed and accurate estimate for your website. Because every website is important to the owner, and because the cost of a commercial website can run into thousands of dollars, this is an important process which we can guide you through. It will help if you have a price range in mind. We can more quickly and accurately tell you what we can provide for you if we have a low and high figure to work within.

Maintenance costs for your website will generally be the cost of hosting and shopping cart & merchant account costs if applicable. Beyond that we offer flexible maintenance services at the hourly rate of $75. See More

-Optional Services-
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Content Creation
Site-Maker will provide authoring and content creation for a $100 hourly fee

Logo Design
We can create a logo for you for $500 - $2500 depending on complexity

Site-Maker requires a deposit of 50% of agreed upon price to begin work
and the balance to be paid in full upon completion of work and before uploading website.