Website Maintenance

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Website maintenance & updatesMaintaining your website is another easy-to-overlook element of a successful website. Search engines favor websites that change and grow so maintaining a section of your site that changes weekly or monthly is highly recommended. Visitors to your site will also come back more often if there is something valuable and interesting that changes.

Websites often require and always benefit from updates, changes and expansion. We are eqipped to make timely accurate updates, upgrades, changes and corrections to your website. You can just email us changes that you want and we will implement them in 24-48 hours. We bill for maintenance and updates on an hourly basis at $75 per hour in 5 minute increments and send out invoices monthly for this work.


  • You will receive one month of free updates and corrections with your Site-Maker website, consisting of minor text changes and/or updates.
  • If you will require regular updating (recommended) maintenance services are available at a flexible monthly fee according to how much you need done. Monthly fees starting at $25 a month are available for regular and consistent updates, or you can choose to have maintenance done for an hourly rate of $75 for all updates and have this service billed monthly.

You may also choose to maintain your site yourself or have someone in your organization take care of it. We are happy to assist you in this process.