Promoting Your Website

Will customers click through to you?Promoting your website is second only in importance to creating one. The first step is having the site designed and built to represent your needs in the best possible way in accordance with search engine criteria. It is critical that the site is built from the ground up to comply with the requirements that search engines employ to determine your search positions. This is a long and complex subject which is covered more fully in the Search Engines sections of our website.

However, there are many other additional means of promoting your website and some specific sites actually don't really require a lot of search engine referral. We will be happy to discuss the best options for your particular website and help you decide how you can maximize your promotion efforts.

In any case, plan on promoting your website. You will get gradual and increasing search engine activity as a result of just having your site built and hosted by Site-Maker, but there is much more that can be done to jumpstart and maintain traffic to your website.