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Site-Maker offers a broad array of web services. Basically, we offer everything you will need for a successful business, e-commerce, information or personal website.

Website Design
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The design of your website cannot be over estimated in importance. To be competitive your website must express the nature and feeling of your business or products, be attractive enough to hold a visitor's attention and easy enough to navigate that they will easily find what they need. Site-Maker has had many years of helping clients develop website designs that have been instrumental success. We have the expertise, the experience and we care about our client's success. See Details

Content Creation
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The content of your website is crucial to it's overall success. All text should be clear, well organized and must represent the services, products, and philosophy of your company. Most of the time you will be the best judge and best author of the content on your site. Authoring and organizing your website using our planning guide can save you a considerable amount of money. However, if you require our services to author the text content or organize and plan your site we can offer this service to you at our hourly rate in addition to the cost of a standard website. We can write up an estimate for this work so that you will have an idea of the overall cost.

Custom Graphics
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Custom graphics are included with every website we build. This means that your site is one of a kind, not a generic replica of countless others, but a unique expression of your tastes and needs. We also offer graphics services beyond the scope of what is included in our website packages.

Logo design is available for $500-$2500 depending on the complexity of the work. We can also design brochures and business cards, clean up and retouch photos for Internet use or to print.

Domain Registration
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Our domain name registration fee is $20 per year with no account set up fees.

We will check availability of your domain name choices for free and help you choose one that is relevant and helpful in search engine queries.

Click here to register a domain now!

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Maintenance is a factor most websites require and benefit from. Fresh graphics, content updates, what's new sections, and general expansion are elements that keep people coming back to your site and continually strengthen the overall impact of your site. By the time your site is up and functioning you will have spent time and money and you will want to do everything you can to maximize your return! Some clients maintain there own sites and learn the required skills to perform that function. If you choose this option we are here to guide you if you get into trouble or have questions. Many clients choose to have us do the maintenance of their websites. We can work out a reasonable contract depending on the amount of updating you expect.

If you will require regular updating (recommended) maintenance services are available at a flexible monthly fee according to how much you need done. Monthly fees starting at $25 a month are available for regular and consistent updates, or you can choose to have maintenance done for an hourly rate of $75 for all updates and have this service billed monthly.

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Site-Maker will not design, build or host any websites with offensive or adult content. Many of our websites are family oriented and we feel it would be incongruent to include websites that are perhaps not suitable for family viewing. We thank you for your co-operation in honoring this policy.