Website Consultant Services

Site-Maker Website ConsultantsSite-Maker's Website Consultant Services
are an extremely valuable tool that you might want to consider using before planning, during planning or even after your website has been built if you are considering additions, upgrades or changes. A conversation with a website development expert can save you money and help you to make efficient and beneficial decisions about your website.

There are so many areas to take into account when you are planning or changing your website, such as design elements like flash content, navigation style, drop down menus, rollovers, pictures, video content, search engine optimization elements such as keyword content, total word content, navigation link title tags, image alt tags, reciprocal links, promotion, programming, e-commerce, etc. Accurate and clear information about these items can help keep you from paying for some things you don't need and make sure that you get the things that are essential for the success of your website.

Site-Maker is happy to provide this expert service on a per hour basis billed in 10 minute increments. The first hour is $100 and every additional hour is billed at $75/hour. If you are local it is possible to arrange for in-home consultation and tutoring. There is an initial charge of $50 which include one half hour of consultation. Every additional hours is $100 per hour.